proudly south african…

Unbelievable! I come all the way to New Zealand to see a Great South African movie.

A tale that captures the uniqueness of the South African situation, its present and recent history, to magnificient effect.

A new, young, bloodspattered hugely funny rip-roaring-skiet-en-vokken-donner extravaganza, without compromise… unashamedly SOUTH AFRICAN, the story, the location, the language, the characters…

Not since Robocop – and everyone who knew me then will recall how i revered (still do) that one – have i seen anything like this. And then some !!!

Gavin Hood, eat your heart out. Sorry, but Tsotsi was ok, nothing more. No way did it put South African cinema on the map as i believe this film will. Of course, this all still imho but mark my words, you heard it here first:

D9 is destined for cult status, up there with Robocop, Brazil, Bladerunner, The Fly, Tetsuo the Iron Man, …

Casspirs, choppers, koevoet types,
our hero Wikus, a hanswors thrust into the limelight,
the villain Kobus,
the casual racism, helpful suggestions towards solving the problem – ja… ‘n virus, ‘n selektiewe virus…
aerial shantytown views,
forced relocations,
xenophobia, (and what’s the word for fear of aliens?)
red ants,
flying pigs,

ornamental flowers fashioned from aluminium scavenged from soft drink cans,

up-to-the-moment filmed news-coverage of running gun battles, explosions and ongoing mayhem tracked from above by network choppers,

an ED209 on alien steroids, and yet as pathetically twisted and vulnerable as the original from the Verhoeven classic,

security camera footage to help the narrative along,

interspecies prostitution,

wooden documentary talking heads as only the sabc can give us,

grunge and grit,

Waaaaaaaahhh…. this is District 9

maybe not zbe but certainly low budget excellence.



2 Responses to proudly south african…

  1. Bob says:

    I think that Sharlto Copley would make a great Inspictor Clusoe, what you think?

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