hello James…

… a quick post to say thank you so much for the Japanese sirloin recipe. I have made it twice already, delicious. Sirloin btw is a very esteemed cut here in NZ, more so than rump which i remember was more expensive in the RSA.

Come visit and taste for yourself. And please spare me that “…would love to but…” refrain. There’s a good market for snap-in-and-just-do-it Ruby skills heretoshore, particularly in Wellington, would pay for your trip and stay and more in no time, plus accommodation is taken care of…

Otherwise, a quick snapshot of what i’m listening to at the moment…

  • Woke on a Whaleheart – Bill Callahan
  • The World of Arthur Russell
  • Kind of Blue
  • Chance Meeting (the very 1st Nurse with Wound album… strange is not the word… )
  • Brian Wilson reimagines Gershwin
  • Hanky Panky (The The sampler doing Hank Williams songs)
  • After Robots
  • Faust IV
  • Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy Cornell 1964
  • Concrete – André van Rensburg

… oh and ¼Zones – so messy, so forgotten and yet i stand by the spirit of it all, so many little moments, particularly in the so naive improvised pieces, fixed there in the early eighties, clumsy echoes of overseas influences and yet timeless… i’m a fan, can’t help it, sorry.


2 Responses to hello James…

  1. James Silberbauer says:

    Nice snapshot, there are a few names there I’ve not come across. Will need to do some research. I think you need to make some 1/4zones available somehow…

    I’m currently wondering how it is that I have only now discovered the awesome sound of the Durutti Column. Making up for lost time with a very good best of. youtube.

    Also after the passing of Dan Van Vliet, the odd Capt. Beefheart finds its way to the HiFi.

  2. Rainer says:

    wrt finding / discovering stuff way later… it happens to me all the time. Currently DEVOURING the lambchop back catalogue, most of which is available here at the public library.
    Yes, and Durutti Column were awesome too… no wait, still very much alive in fact, see here!
    Don van Vliet’s passing is akin to the departure of Burroughs and other giants of 20th century underground culture, ah fuck it, i can’t put even a single useful word to it, it’s too big. You mentioned Drumbo’s memoir of his time with Beefheart, i have to get hold of that sometime soon.

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