it gets better…

Paul does indeed have The World of Arthur Russell somewhere in his collection – though not yet listened to. He also refers me to this blog where you can download both this and another album, The World of Echo… and it is magnificent.

Arthur Russell – A strange wonder from the closing years of the last millenium. I reckon he’s in Heaven.

But as i say, it gets better, well, stranger maybe, no, better and stranger dammit …

The aforelinked experimental etc blog, – a world of bizarre shit i kid you not – harbours a goldmine of mini posts and links related to the weirdest arcana of the New Zealand underground – i think a very deep underground – mostly pre-millenial.

I have the more recent Dirt Beneath the Daydream compilation commissioned by The Wire last year. Here also is a link to the socalled preterite, and as is so often true, here lie buried gems …


3 Responses to it gets better…

  1. Paul says:

    Hi I did actually finally listen to the thing – found it tres clinical and capsular in a kind of 90s Detroit techno kind-of way – icy, non-place and queazy – although did like the non-beaty, cello-heavy tracks quite a lot – I stuck quite a few new links on my blog ( – check out Know your conjurer, Weird Brother and Stevenson something or other. Speaking of queazy – check out doccie “Catfish”. Paul

    • Rainer says:

      Yes, i agree the stuff more specifically Russell (his cello and his voice) remains the most interesting. The World of Echo has much in that vein. Still, my impressions of the disco mixes is anything but clinical, or icy. The underlying tracks for Go Bang for example were just a warmup jam… the band they had hired to generate the grooves were horrified when Russell said thanks that’s plenty good enough for me. Hilarious! It sports one helluva twisted bassline.
      Know Your Conjurer i have been plundering since you first mentioned them to me last year. Shit! Last year! Where has the time flown?
      Captain Beefheart – RIP
      Mick Karn – RIP

  2. paul says:

    Hi Rainer
    Not sure where to stick this message – this seems as good a place as any. Main reason for it is to wish you a happy birthday for tomorrow, which may actually be today over there – in fact almost definitely is. So… happy birthday – to quote Laurie Anderson.

    Found another fab site – creep scanner – Heard of the NWW list? That’s the legendary Nurse With Wound list – they have a lot of the list there, plus some very sarco (if that’s even a word – sounds better than sarkie) comments.

    More to follow – probably on just carry on sticking to this post.

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