friday night Wellington…

7 June, 2010

… Colleen is down and we take in two live bands.

Batucada Sound Machine at Bodega, The Finnster on trumpet, my (very patient) piano teacher in Auckland last year. That’s Finn Scholes, and alongside him on trombone, buddy Oliver Emmitt. A friendly mix, nine piece band playing and you can hear yourself talk. Hats off to the soundman!

Have a look here for a sampling of their sound, and, if you happen to be in Europe over the summer, the BSM are all over there, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK…

Then onto San Francisco Bathhouse to hear The Pyramid Scheme, celebrating the release of their new album “Massive Reminders of a Virile King” (chortle chortle) – this set an earsplitting rendition of songs that now sound tame and restrained on the recording. Live is the thing, but my old ears took damage for sure. A gorgeous showy bunch on stage, outfits, makeup, hats, it reminds of the Arkestra all right. A fabulous drummer. Hope to see them again soon!!