ok, let’s recap…

7 May, 2010

… i see the apartment on Tuesday 20th of April. Up in Auckland that weekend enthusing to Colleen.

During the following week i walk into a few banks to chat about home loan options.

Last weekend, Colleen comes down to Welly to have a look and gives the thumbs up.

Monday 12h00 i see a solicitor to act as conveyancer.  At 14h00 i get a pre-approved loan document from National Bank. At 13h30 i sit with Norma Bryant, the estate agent, at Dixon Street Deli and put in an offer for $325,000.

She rings back just over an hour later. Nyet, come see the countersigned document. Back at the deli at 15h00. They say $365,000. I say $350,000 final.

At 15h45 Norma calls to say they’ve signed, the deal is done.

Since Monday the home loan has been finalized, the conveyancing is under way, i’ve arranged the money transfer to cover the bond deposit and notified my landlord that i will be moving out of the matchbox on Friday, 11th June to move into my new home.

Is that fast or what? Go me!


chaiyya chaiyya…

2 May, 2010

… the theme song from Spike Lee’s Inside Man.

Colleen asked about it again today. The YouTube trawl brought this to light.


why not pay off my …

2 May, 2010

… own mortgage instead of some landlords?

This is the facade of Columbia Private Apartments near the bottom end of Cuba Street. The arrow points at unit 7 which is for sale. I saw it 12 days ago and liked it very much. Colleen came down this weekend for a second opinion, she said “yes” pretty much immediately, and so i am going to put in an offer to purchase – gulp!

Take the Photo Tour.

What do you think?

start again!

2 May, 2010

Floriditas again.

Actually the first time since early January when i was here for that 2nd Telecom job interview.

Since then…

well, yes…

a lot has happened…

…and i have neglected this journal, and for a while restarting it seemed less and less likely, until the other day when i posted a two-liner to try out the use of SoundCloud for Paul, and i figured that what was holding me back was the dismay at having to catch up on everything since early February….

… the wonderful news of getting that job with TNZ, the Joanna Newsom gig (ok), the Yo La Tengo gig (fucking awesome), the trip to the RSA and Zimbabwe, arriving in Wellington in early March, starting the job at TNZ, the friendly Comfort Hotel in Cuba Street, Cuba Street itself of course, the Calexico concert, the move from the hotel into my matchbox apartment in Vivian Street, the Pavement concert (missed that one), discovering Moore and Wilsons, starting the double bass lessons with Paul Henderson, the weekly commute between here and Auckland, the Wilco concert with a great supporting gig by Justin Townes Earle, Colleens weekend visits here, our trip into the hills beyond Petone, discovering a riding outfit south of Wainuiomata along the valley road that offers a couple hour hacks at $25 per hour (this very good value even by RSA standards, where a good ride isn’t to be had for peanuts either), the Vampire Weekend concert (missed that one too, fuck!), my occasional peek at the residential property market, knowing that i wouldn’t stay in my matchbox for long, initially looking out for rentals, then venturing out to look at a very cool apartment in Newtown that was on the market for less than $300,000, and from there it was a hop,skip, jump to shaping the question – why not pay off my own mortgage instead of some landlords?

And so the blog kick-starts again here in early May after a hiatus of three months. The gap is well enough filled by the thumbnail sketch scribbled above, from here on “kyk noord en vok voort, ek se…”