Colleen and i are now both in Auckland. It is end July 2009. Colleen has been here since mid March, i have only just arrived. This blog records some of our experiences here, far from home (Cape Town), friends and family.


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  1. reason8 says:

    Rainer, miss you! Here’s a friend of mine whose creativity you might enjoy SXip Shirey: Here’s Pandora (no relation to the Cocteau Twins *Pandora* one of my favs). I have asked him to collaborate this summer in NYC on an “Action Painting” “happening”. Gosh don’t those descriptives ring tired…Kaprow, Laurie Anderson. _AUTOMATISM_ is what the Surrealists called it- though (as I am researching it for a grant app.) they fell sadly short too (probably Breton’s out-sized ego). I have been painting sans plan for a long time now (remember I’d paint the gyrating bodies on dancefloor at Scratch? The best most studied, thoughtful actualization of the practice comes (no shock) from the East: Monks wielding a brush like a love-sword. Took many years of speed-painting (even turning the bottle upside-down or painting with an eye-dropper. I hope to begin teaching Art, Automatism and Healing to the kids battling Cancer at Daner-Faber Cancer Institute. I won’t go into detail as to where the Surrealists fell down- suffice to say that we “edit” even if we aren’t aware of it- By including a third dimension (layers) and building installations from various painted stuff allowing for depth-of-field- so you can inhabit the negative space, FEEL the tension, push-pull- I have discovered a way to enter my own work inside the moment and to keep that process going digitally in post-Prod. cracking those layers wide open then inhabiting them and continuing to build and break as case may be. I have found a way to load up hollow brushes so i don’t have to leave the picture surface nad temper amount of paint on brush (i.e. thickness of line). Each brush-stroke represents a breath and when breathing, heartbeat and all the rhythms operate as one, as something greater than the sum of its contents…But i digress (see my youtube chanel for some examples of the technique/ but here is my man SXIP (just got a lovely big grant to continue making his beautiful noise. Warwick would be impressed! How is he? and C. Quirk? and Willie( tho he on my FB)? without further a doos (by any other name is still a doos sp?) I have completely forgotten most of my Afrikaans- what a gorgeous guttural, epi-glottal slanguage/ haranguage (the movement you make writhing and winding your hands together as you contemplate a dire situation with little chance of a positive outcome…but i undress. It’s 2.22 and my catGod wants the lights down…. It’s the ADD. Patience is a hurtyou- so i tend to keep a healthy distance:

    My first live Action Paint will be to Saties Gymnopodies- in a gorgeous graveyard, streamed live. Will keep you posted. See some others compiled a wikipedia page for me and as a result i recently got added to the wiki-list of SA Artists! My work doubled in price literally overnight. I am working on finishing ^CATGODZ* a visual record of the hell that chemo/radiation was- includes many of the paint-studies done in the infusion rooms. Because I am a good 2 moths away from next exhibit and can’t sell the cat-stuff until it’s photographed for book. a link to Automatism included but it only covers the “western” view (blinds down). Just thinking- it’d be great to include some of the stuff we did together- Under 2 Flags etc. but it is bad form to fiddle with your own wikipedantics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Rosen_(artist) also doesn’t include my prowess with Buttons not to mention the various cocktails i shot in NYC
    here’s something i really enjoy from Sxip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FsT_lnVppw&feature=related
    and here’s *Accident* written before i saw Cronenberg’s CRASH (6 times ) and finally (all these completely raw- shot in one take with cell phone). come cook your Kassler Rib (can still taste it ❤
    …Good Mourning! have a luverley day. I should probably take all this down- don't want to scare away the grant-hounds!

  2. reason8 says:

    should read: wikipedantes ?

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