hey Robin!!

19 December, 2010

So good to hear from you. Just the other day i downloaded the Happy Ships album via the Shifty site. Nostalgia overcame me. Recorded in part at 11 Wilson Road, yes? I remember your story about Hamish’s tantrum, something about musical competence / incompetence, and, having killed everyone’s creative muse, retires to the garage / recording room to meditate for three hours in the dark.

Remarkable how fresh that music remains nearly 30 years on.

Here are a few songs (very easy listening) for you…

Mack The Knife – A gorgeous rendition by Jimmie Dale Gilmour which i first heard over the end-credits of Un Prophete. Jimmie Dale Gilmour, incidentally turns out to be the little fellah in The Big Lebowsky whom Walter threatens with a gun over a little argument during a friendly bowling match.

Lost – King Midas Sound. Fabulous 21st Century dub

Addiction – Matthew Herbert.

… and, saving the best (and pretty startling) for last …

My Reckless Parts – Bill Orcutt

Cheers for now.


hello James…

2 December, 2010

… a quick post to say thank you so much for the Japanese sirloin recipe. I have made it twice already, delicious. Sirloin btw is a very esteemed cut here in NZ, more so than rump which i remember was more expensive in the RSA.

Come visit and taste for yourself. And please spare me that “…would love to but…” refrain. There’s a good market for snap-in-and-just-do-it Ruby skills heretoshore, particularly in Wellington, would pay for your trip and stay and more in no time, plus accommodation is taken care of…

Otherwise, a quick snapshot of what i’m listening to at the moment…

  • Woke on a Whaleheart – Bill Callahan
  • The World of Arthur Russell
  • Kind of Blue
  • Chance Meeting (the very 1st Nurse with Wound album… strange is not the word… )
  • Brian Wilson reimagines Gershwin
  • Hanky Panky (The The sampler doing Hank Williams songs)
  • After Robots
  • Faust IV
  • Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy Cornell 1964
  • Concrete – André van Rensburg

… oh and ¼Zones – so messy, so forgotten and yet i stand by the spirit of it all, so many little moments, particularly in the so naive improvised pieces, fixed there in the early eighties, clumsy echoes of overseas influences and yet timeless… i’m a fan, can’t help it, sorry.