Parting shot…

20 July, 2009

I am finally on my way to Auckland. It is early morning, 16th July. Wilson is driving me to Harare airport. Just before we get there, we are caught by a police speed trap. 92kmph in a 70kmph zone. Spot fine no longer possible, it applies between 70 to 85 kmph, US$100. Thereafter, US$50 per km exceeded. Wilson must appear in court that afternoon to plead his case. A laborious filling in of forms begins.

I fidget anxiously. “You are in a hurry?” the officer observes, and i tell him “yes, are you sure we can’t pay you directly?” cautious here, remembering the scene in Fargo where Steve Buscemi tries to “settle it, here, with you, you know, right here…” a broken weak grin as he shows his drivers licence with a fifty dollar note peeping out the wallet. A bribery attempt that goes horribly wrong.

This officer here though is happy to negotiate. “What can you offer?” I have R400 cash in my wallet, hand it over to him. He returns R100 to me, “… you will need something to eat“, and sends us on our way. I catch my plane, goodbye Zimbabwe, and Wilson returns to Forrester without any complications hanging over his head. Everybody happy.