singing the praises…

… of the good old Paramount toward the end of Courtenay Place. For anyone with an interest in cinema beyond the mostly mindless shite offered in cineplexes worldwide, look no further than this seedy gorgeous old movie palace for a selection of worthwhile (putting it very mildly) films.

Look at this list, and that’s all either running now or will be before the end of November.

And there’s more…

Finally, just can’t wait for A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop, which is… wait for it… a remake of Blood Simple set in the Chinese Desert.

She is married to the richest guy in town, runs a noodle shop and is fucking the cook behind her husbands back. She buys a gun to whack the husband. Meanwhile, hubbie, onto them, has hired a cop to kill her and the cook lover… you know the story…

my god, i’m already in stitches, it hurts, lol!!!


One Response to singing the praises…

  1. Robin Hawkins says:

    A very tentative and ashamed hello.

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