hello Paul…

… sorry to take so long to respond to your email from last week. All’s well (huh?) here and then some! First off i have to share with you something i found yesterday at Slowboat (along with a Brian Wilson album “…Reimagines Gershwin”) that has put my being out of joint. It’s a Soul Jazz compilation called “The World of Arthur Russell”. I think i’ve found something sublime.

Chances are good that you with your broad knowledge (ahem – understatement of the century, yes?) already know everything about Arthur Russell and even have an enviable collection of Russell’s music, but for me it’s a completely new dip into the bizarre depth of the New York underground of 80’s disco. I am blown away. I am … words defy me.

Lot’s of stuff available online, i haven’t gone further than YouTube, here’s an “unofficial” mashup of an animation to one of the gorgeous (maybe less typical)  songs on the compilation. It’s called “A Little Lost”

The compilation includes “Let’s Go Swimming” and here’s a mix posted on YouTube (not a video, just an un-be-fucking-lievable mix courtesy of Walter Gibbons that today remains futuristic … did Czukay ever hear this ? … different but somehow related, intertwined, connected … no?

Arthur Russell is dead. Long live Arthur Russell!


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