d9 continued…

ok, the ugly word franchise pops into my head. Will there be a d10 and 11, or maybe d9 – Christopher Returns? The end of the story certainly hints at a few possibilities.

Here are a few fragments towards my pitch for a sequel. 😉

  • It is some years after the aliens were relocated to District10. Wikus is amongst them.
  • Unsurprisingly, District10 has deteriorated into yet another District9 – a squalid sociological disaster zone.
  • Sentiment towards the aliens has worsened further. The state begins fiddling with the constitution – an amendment that returns the death penalty – but only for aliens. Soon any found outside the District10 perimeter are shot on sight.
  • This doesn’t help at all. Conditions in District10 are desparate. Thousands keep escaping everyday.
  • One thing leads to another. A selective virus (termed D13) is actually developed and let loose on the alien population in District10.
  • Many die, but the virus soon mutates into something harmless.
  • To the remaining aliens that is.
  • Humans however, once infected with this new strain, (D13+, also commonly referred to as “die vokken bliksem“) begin to succumb in masses.
  • Then the observation is made that interspecies prostitutes plying their trade in District10 are all immune to D13+…
  • …from which everyone quickly concludes that immunity is conferred on anyone who has carnal relations with an alien.
  • Interesting sexual politics. In a remarkable turnabout, the remaining aliens suddenly find themselves much in demand.
  • Interspecies fornication is however illegal. Our beloved president in particular has strong views on this. The state has dug up and reinstituted the almost forgotten Immorality Act.
  • To enforce the law there is ViceSquad 2.0, and Tertius is one of its officers.
  • Wikus meanwhile yearns to be reunited with Tania.

Ok everyone, help me along a little here, let’s see where – if anywhere – it goes.


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