Jobs and Julius

13 November, 2011

Earlier today trying to explain to a friend in the RSA what we miss about the place i got stuck but here it is in spades courtesy of an m&g article about Julius’  more recent shenanigans


film feeding frenzy…

4 November, 2011

… two performances that left me slackjawed in awe last year:

“Pope” played by Ben Mendelsohn in Animal Kingdom, and

“César” played by Niels Arestrup in Un Prophete.

To call these supporting roles does them no justice. See for yourself

Jimmie Dale Gilmour

Jimmie Dale Gilmour

Then, at the end of UnProphete that haunting version of Mack the Knife running over the credits which turns out to be Jimmy Dale Gilmour from his 2000 album “One Endless Night”. It’s little “mental problems” Smokey from the bowling alley in the Big Lebowsky. Walter puts a gun to his head over an argument about his (Smokey’s) foot being over the line.

well ain’t that kick in the head…

4 November, 2011

… look out for the imminent release of “Crazy Clown Time”, David Lynch’s 1st solo album release. What can i say, um… it’s a swampy aural weirdly dirty aural scratchy lol nasty aural lynchean mindfuck go listen Here Now!! … that wonderful dirty old man, up to fabulous new tricks …thanks my larnie and James for the heads-up…