i’ve already made my fortune…

… so for those of you that haven’t here’s a compelling opportunity. See below…

I am reminded of a fellow in the UK who pretended to take the bait by responding but asking for more details “seeing that there is so much fraud happening on the internet, with due respect, etc etc…” There began a lively correspondence that went on for months. With each assurance the pretending mark asked for more proof of fidelity. Eventually the Nigerian shack-dwelling fraudster agreed to and then sent a picture of himself with his pants around his ankles in his efforts to show that his intentions were sincere.

It was hilarious, wish i had the link to it at hand.

Here’s the heartache sent to me:

No 45 Prinsslo Street
South Africa.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mr. Evans Dadah, the second son of Mr. Lawson Dadah a former farm owner and a top opposition member in Zimbabwe polities.

Please I am actually looking for a person who has got a good experience in hotel management, hospital management,transportes management , private school management, or any lucrative business overseas, because I can not operate here in South Africa due to security reasons.

Also my life and that of my senior brother depends on what I am going to tell you now.

Well, you may wonder how I got to know you. Please, do not wonder, because I believe it is the work of God that made to come across your name.

I prayed and asked God to help me to get somebody who could help me in this transaction because this money is actually not mine for now. My father mapped it out for his electioneering campaign and for upgrading his farm land before he was killed by the government of Mr. Robert Mugabe. Before he died, he put this money in the basement of our house in a sealed metal box. The amount is {US$17.5} seventeen million five hundred thousand united states dollars.

When he was killed, I ran away with my brother together with this money to a friend in South Africa, who helped us to deposit this money in a security company since August. So please, I am kindly asking you to assist us transfer this money out of South Africa into your personal account in your country.25% for the total money have been mapped out for your assistance while 5% is for expenses occurred during the transaction.

Am look forward to your kind assistance. You can contact me with the above telephone number if you so wish to assist or through this E-mail address evans_dadah_01@yahoo.com (God will bless you and your family)

Best Regards
Mr. Evans Dadah.
(For the family our heritance


One Response to i’ve already made my fortune…

  1. James Silberbauer says:

    Wow! What an incredible opportunity for you.

    You’re not as lucky as I am, though. I won the Canadian lottery twice today and a few times yesterday. I also won the UK lottery yesterday.

    These lotteries must be good for business – I see Bill Gates and Microsoft want to award me a vast sum via an email lottery too.

    Unfortunately I probably won’t see all this dosh too soon, though. I’m still waiting for Standard Bank to get back to me after I gave them all my internet banking details so they could fix a problem they have. But after that – “Hah! I spit on your trifling 17 million dollars!”.

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