why not pay off my …

… own mortgage instead of some landlords?

This is the facade of Columbia Private Apartments near the bottom end of Cuba Street. The arrow points at unit 7 which is for sale. I saw it 12 days ago and liked it very much. Colleen came down this weekend for a second opinion, she said “yes” pretty much immediately, and so i am going to put in an offer to purchase – gulp!

Take the Photo Tour.

What do you think?


7 Responses to why not pay off my …

  1. Henk Blom says:

    Hello Rainer & Colleen

    Very exciting stuff!! Trust you’ll get the apartment!
    Bessie is visiting today and said thanks for your postcards. She’s longing for you a lot and is looking forward to seeing you again ASAP.

    Thanks also for the card you regularly sens us. Have a great time there down-under-er

    Lotsa love – Henk Patricia & Jacques

  2. Stephen says:

    hi rainer, the apartment looks super cool indeed, good luck with getting it. hope your job with gen i telecom is going well, hi to colleen also fm cindy and i all the best stephen

    • Rainer says:

      Thanks Stephen, it’s been a whirlwind of a week… look out for details in next post coming up. Oh and we have to get together sometime soon for a glass of Schnapps.

      • Stephen says:

        howzit rainer, congratulations on finally getting it and agree it went real quick, so you must be a good credit risk right??

        re the scnapps – yes its the right weather alright for one or three..mit ein prosit gemuchlikeit ! all the best to you n colleen, enjoy yr new place. And let us know when you’re next in Akl..

        b regards stephen n cindy n whanau

  3. Cindy says:

    Hey Rainer, just checked out your new place- v.cool building! Suits you guys to a T. Gosh you don’t muck around with time do you- schnapps to that!

    Now that I’ve successfully finished Semester 1 and on a ‘working’ break, I’ll get in touch with Colleen and do a catch-up. I’m thinking some place beside a fire with gorgeous food, NZ wine and soundz…mmmmm…ooohhh

    No doubt we’ll see you soon too! Happy Home Living and Congrats, Well done!

    ciao 4 now
    Cindy xo

    • Rainer says:

      Congratulations Cindy and enjoy the break. Colleen is out in a lovely little cottage just beyond Clevedon. I’m here at the moment for 2 days – work for Gen-i with a 3rd party software developer. Back to Wellington tomorrow to that v cozy apartment. Yes, must get together, haven’t seen you guys since Devonport since late March.

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