I told you so…

D9 rules!!!!

Reading the 2009 retrospective in the January issue of Sight and Sound i was very chuffed to see that District 9 featured in the top 5 movies of two of the featured reviewers. For those of you that don’t get to read this excellent magazine, here’s the content verbatim:

“A blitzkrieg of a science-fiction action flick with a provocative and challenging central idea, District 9 is also a formal triumph; the blend of faux documentary with action is unexpectedly successful”

Wendy Ide, The Times, UK

“Not only endlessly inventive sciencefiction, but also a very rare view of South Africa. To turn an Afrikaner bureaucrat into a hero is a very tall narrative order, but Blomkamp manages it with panache, wit and very considerale insight. Not for the ‘politically correct’ but all too correct politically”

Colin McCabe, academic and critic, UK


In South Africa, the film certainly generated a great deal of interesting as well as inane commentary. See here, and here for example.


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