bumble bass…

Chris just added some background history to an earlier post. Permanent Force, then Private File and the possibly-just-maybe reunion gig as Pension Fund. As i remember the band, their bass player – Jules – played one of those Höfner violin bass guitars, the famous Beatle Bass.

Just yesterday i walked into a collectors guitar shop, asking about the availability of this wonderful old instrument. It was a weird exchange.

The shop is located in the half lit bowels of the gorgeous St Georges Court building, corner K Road and Mercury Lane. The inside is lit up, and inside i see the proprieter with a client. I try the door, it’s locked. Proprieter looks up, strides toward the door, frowning. He unlocks the door, opens it slightly to stick his head out.

– What do you want?

– ..aah…, is this a shop?

– Yes.

– Are you open?

– Yes. What do you want?

– I ..aah… just wanted to come in and have a look around, but only if that isn’t a problem.

He opens to let me in, shadows me closely.
I ask about the Beatle bass. Are there any to be had? What do they go for?

– 1960.

– Oh, around two thousand dollars?

– No. A 1960 model.

He points at the one wall, mumbles something i miss. I look, nod stupidly, but actually don’t recognize anything.

– There, do you see it?

– Nooo…

– There, it’s a 1960 model, a guitar, built at the same time, original pickups, the lot.

– Oh i thought you meant the bass, the beatle bass.

– I’ll let you have a look at it if you’re serious. There’s an interesting gleam in his eye. It’s passion. There’s something blunt but honest beneath this queer bumbling back and forth. Of course, this guy is a collector. Cadenza Guitars the place is called.


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