pay me what it’s worth to you…

A few months back i read about a restaurant in South Africa that did not charge fixed prices for their meals. Instead, the restaurateur was confident enough of his offering that the client was invited to pay for their meal as much as they felt it was worth. I wonder what happened to that lot?

I was reminded of this in early September, here in Auckland, without work and poor prospects for securing gainful employment anytime soon. I considered using the above story as inspiration, that is to offer various services that i am capable of to small or medium sized businesses using the proposal that they “Pay me what you think it’s worth”

They’ll think i’m crazy. They’ll be suspicious.

And yet, it seemed reasonable to me, better than sitting out unemployment inactive. I would be sharpening my skills, use techniques i know and believe in but haven’t been able to put into practice. I would broaden my exposure to various business problems, and of course would be developing that crucial network of contacts and (hopefully positive) references for the day when i do get a serious job interview.

Since then i have been networking quite actively (those of you that know me from another life as an almost recluse will be very surprised) and made a handful of good solid contacts, and one of them (Colart Miles) made the contract i am about to begin possible. God bless you Colt!

I haven’t yet been able to try out the “pay me what it’s worth…” model, it’s on the backburner so to speak. In the context of agile software development, specifically the priniciple of continuous, frequent delivery, it could make sense. When properly structured (and there’s the devil, i know) the client (or the development team) can walk away without calamity when they have enough or it no longer makes sense.


4 Responses to pay me what it’s worth to you…

  1. david rodent says:

    i am so interested to see how this method of remuneration pans out. I have created a points system whereby my “interns” receive a % of profits of all product brought to market. When money comes in we sit down as a team and discuss who deserves what and then divvy it up. Workers also have the choice of converting imme3diate cash into future “profit sharing”- NOT shares, but a step in that direction. If a person “proves” out over va period of time- they then are given the opportunity of tranlating these “futures” (so to speak) into actual shares OR cash them in for4 real bread crumbs (i mean, cash 😉

  2. david rodent says:

    halloween just passed. The fellow in whiteface shot all thye b?w stuff on my site and is a very well-resoected DJ on east coast: addam Bomb (Addam Idiom)Also a very good friend

  3. Chris Quirke says:

    Hmm… WordPress seems to have a bit of a navigation design bug; if you’re paging backwards through blog posts and stop to drop a comment, there’s no obvious way to resume browsing the blog posts.

    The “Back” button (or was that the post linek, or both?) repaints the same commented blog post, with no Previous or Next links.

    If this is so, and fixable at the template level, it would be a nice thing to fix 🙂

  4. Rainer says:

    I will look into it, thanks for the observation. Have just been doing the basics. The recent posts widget is also klutzy, you see the latest x (just stepped it up to the max – 15) posts and that’s it boyo, go check the archives if you want the older stuff. Less than optimal.

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