on the verge and over the moon…

Well done old chap!

Go Tell It on the Mountain!

On the verge of shouldering that shovel to go dig yet a little deeper into our dwindling capital to keep the kneebreakers at bay…

… when news comes through that i have been awarded an eight week contract to do business case development work at The Client.


11 Responses to on the verge and over the moon…

  1. […] very surprised) and made a handful of good solid contacts, and one of them (Colart Miles) made the contract i am about to begin possible. God bless you […]

  2. Geoff says:

    Excellent news, well done Rainer.
    Good luck!

  3. David Morris says:

    Congratulations Rainer. Good luck with the role.

  4. Kim Lewis says:


    Hugs to you and Colleen.

    I’ve just returned from a week at the George Washington University, Washington, now back in Lesotho for a 3 week stint, then off to Pringle my way to happiness with my wizard in my nest.
    Also, we are looking forward to a week in the KP in Dec – our treat to each other, the last time I was there was with Chris and his folks 20 years ago 🙂


    All best with the new graft.

  5. david rodent says:

    wunderfulness! am happee 4 u

  6. Melanie Silberbauer says:

    Fabulous Rainer!


  7. Great news!

    Enjoy flexing that brain muscle again. Looks like a very interesting place to work.

  8. Henk Blom says:

    Hi Rainer & Colleen!

    Great to hear from you guys! So glad that you got something lekker to work on, Rainer! Looks like you will be rubbing shoulders with the artyworld once again!

    Lotsa love

  9. Tebogo says:

    Thats brilliant news Rainer, and I know there’s more to come!
    Take care

  10. Chris Quirke says:


    Long time no text; this is good news indeed 🙂

  11. Rainer says:

    Ah Chris, i’m so happy to connect again. I’m still having trouble sending to your mvps account, at least my broadcast yesterday said it had a problem, something about retrying for the next 4 days.

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