… these last 3 weeks i have been in negotiation with Santam back in the RSA. They contacted me out of the blue, asking if i would be interested in a work assignment. Colleen and i discussed it and decided that yes, given the current lack of lucrative prospects heretoland i should attempt to grab the opportunity, three maybe five months away from here would take me away from any work offers that may arise, but, given the current job climate, given that i have not yet had any concrete offers of work…

Well, it didn’t pan out, never mind the details.

I have been hinting at the possibility of interesting news to some of you, asking that fingers be crossed, thumbs be held, and so forth, but no, it’s not going to happen. The goalposts were shifted, the quote was rejected, without any hope of negotiation. Bummer!

And i put the lid on this with mixed feelings. A stopgap until 2010 would have been welcome, but, if i now remove myself from the NZ scene until then, i would probably be starting again, instead of resuming anything.

What this post opens up is the fact that i am indeed struggling to find work. Surprise! Auckland is great but for this. It is possibly the worst time ever in recent history to come here seeking to make a living. Thank heavens Colleen is gainfully employed.


4 Responses to disappointment…

  1. Gerrit says:

    If only you could get an assignment without having to come back to SA ….

    • Rainer says:

      Yes, or a 50/50 split maybe. We were negotiating along those lines. A great deal can be done remotely, as you know.

  2. Melanie Silberbauer says:

    Oh bummer! But somehow there is always perfect order in life, so I’m sure you’ll get something better there. Having said that, I’m pretty pleased to have been asked to do some corporate writing (starting next week). Just a once-off, but nice money to subsidise my ever-increasing oil stock! Lots of love to you both.

  3. James says:

    Damn, sorry our thumb-holding didn’t help!

    I do think though that hanging around and networking in Auckland may be better in the long run. We’ll hold thumbs for a rash of opportunities appearing.

    Fortunately you have Colleen. When I went to the UK in the early 90’s I got work just before cashing my last traveler’s cheque and borrowed money from my agent to see me through the first month!

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