finally i get together with Adi…

Adi and Melinda have been in New Zealand since 1986, they have three children, Philip (19), Frances (18) and Martin (11).

I take the ferry this morning to Devonport where he is waiting for me, looking very much as he did more than 20 years ago when i last saw him, at Robin’s place in Wilson Road if i recall correctly.

A quarter century” he laughs as we shake hands.

In the early 80s Adi, Chris, Bubbles and Jules were Permanent Force (or PF), and later Private File (or PF) for short, the band having been forced to change their moniker because the military authorities weren’t happy with the (even if only tangential) association with a a bunch of witty irreverent students playing punk.

I remember Chris showing me a photograph of the band. They were on tour, in some godforsaken corner of the land, Weskus, Karoo, Koue Bokkeveld, i don’t know the detail, posing by the roadside next to a sign that heralded the 2-bit town ahead – Sukses.

Caption: Private File on the Road to Success

Chris, do you still have that picture?


2 Responses to finally i get together with Adi…

  1. Chris Quirke says:

    Alas not… there are a few pics from those days that turn up regularly, but there are more I remember that don’t.

    Booble, Adi, Chris and Jules were Private File, whereas the earlier Permanent Force were Bobble, Adi, Martin and Chris. When the name hassles started, we decided to change the name when Martin (the eldest of the brothers) moved to the UK, so as to coincide with the lineup change.

    Perhaps we’ll get together for a reunion tour as Pension Fund? 🙂

    Jules also played bass for the Flashing Trash revue at the Baxter, which was a mix of theater (actors filling half the stage on a normal “play” set) and live music (the band playing on the other half of the set). Edi Nederlander played guitar, I think it was O D Cologne on bass, Jules as Anne Droid on bass, and perhaps other musicians on keyboards and/or more guitars.

    When Flashing Trash toured to Jozi, Jules went there, while the remaining three of us went to Durbs “on tour”, staying over at my folks’ place. As a three-piece, we stripped down to one of us on guitar and the other guitarist on bass, sharing the split equally… it was quite nice playing as a one-guitar 3-piece, which is much more survivable in the midst of arbitrary mixes.

    Adi’s youngest son Martin is named after his oldest uncle 🙂

  2. Rainer says:

    Thanks for the fill-in. Did you ever digitize any recordings? We could put on line?
    Didn’t Jules have a real old Hofner Beatle bass?
    Just yesterday i… but no, that’s worth a post of its own. Look out for “bumble bass”
    Young Martin currently has a keen interest in everything Mongolian and antique furniture. He brings all these antique roadshow dvds home (a long running tv series i think) and Adi watches them with him.

    Pension Fund – lol 🙂

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