i miss the business day…

… here in Auckland the news on Wednesday warn that children should steer clear of beaches, lest they succumb to the toxins that have killed dogs recently, the next morning they are admonished to stay home due to an outbreak of the measles.



One Response to i miss the business day…

  1. David Rosen says:

    that’s terrible- but on my first day in NYC – years ago- I almost swam in the Hudson River! No really. If it wasn’t for a bag-lady looking at me weirdly and shaking her head- plus fact that no one else was swimming- I would have dived in. It was 90 in the shade and garbage disposal was on strike. Mountains of rotting melons with flies the size of helicopters- I NEEDED to swim. Then a fish died in front of me (I had already climbed over the fence and was staring into the grey-green murkiness. The fish was floating and bobbing in the tide, lapping at my bare toes. This (other than 5 lanes of yellow cabs) was my first real memory of this country.

    Then, years later- in Boston- I took my (then three year old) to the beach and just before going in with her for a dip- I noticed these red flags and wondered what they were for. Needless (not needles, that’s another beach and another story- for another time), needless to say- those flags meant that you shouldn’t go in the water because of toxin levels. I called the poison hot-line and they advised that I bathe my daughter IMMEDIATELY- and that I should probably do the same.

    Sop, my friend- I have little sympathy for your “bad beach day”

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